You Wear it,

We Clean it!

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How it Works

We Collect

After you place your order we collect it from your home, any day of the week including Sundays

We Clean

ClothesLyners are trained to clean your clothes with total care using eco-friendly products.

We Deliver

We return your clean, fresh laundry at your chosen time.

One Time Orders

2 Day

$20 Per Bag

Use our ClothesLyne laundry bag and get a weeks worth of laundry done for 20 bucks. 

First order?  Can’t find your ClothesLyne bag, use a standard 13-Gallon Kitchen garbage bag for the same amount of laundry. Boths bags hold approximately 20-25 pounds of laundry.

1 Day

$25 Per Bag

Use our ClothesLyne laundry bag and get a weeks worth of laundry done for 25 bucks.

First order?  Can’t find your ClothesLyne bag, use a standard 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag for the same amount of laundry.  Both Bags hold approximately 20-25lbs of laundry.  

Weekly Plans

The Mark Zuckerberg


Geniuses wear the same clothes everyday. Even if this isn’t you, if you are single this is the plan for you.  A weeks worth of laundry done for you, just set it and forget it!

Active Life


Active life, hitting the gym or multiple costume changes during the day?  Then this is the plan for you.  Two bags a week is great for the active single or the awesome couple that would live their lives outside of the laundry room.  

Family Plan


This is the perfect plan for the busy family.  A week of sports, dance and MMA doesn’t have to result in a weekend in the laundry room.  Pack it up and send it off to one of our ClothesLyners.  Enjoy the weekend, you deserve it.  


Yes, the minimum order price is $20, which is one bag of laundry that holds approximately 20-25 pounds of laundry.

ClothesLyners are local people in your neighborhood looking to earn extra income. All ClothesLyners are vetted, trained, and tested by ClothesLyne.

1.During the order process simply state in the special request section that you have clothing for donation and about how many bags you have. 

2.If you forget to place it in the notes, don’t worry simple chat with the provider prior to pick up. 

3.Place donation clothing in a separate (we recommend very distinguishably different) bag and label it clearly as Donation Clothing

4.Finally, Don’t worry! Your clothes will not get mixed, and just in case there is some lingering love for that old sweater, we don’t drop off clothing donations until 48hrs after your order has been completed and confirmed by you! 

We offer multiple different types of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. We offer hypoallergenic, organic, and unscented options alternatives. 

Unfortunately, ClothesLyne does not offer dry cleaning at this time, but we look to add this service in the future.

No, we’re all about convenience. Just put your clothes out after your order and go on with your day.

Yes, you can communicate with the ClothesLyner at any point of the service being carried out. The chat is easily found in your order details page.

Your clothes will be protected in a waterproof bag and placed where the elements can’t affect them.

We believe our ClothesLyners are the best in the business but sometimes accidents happen.  We try and balance price and value when we set our pricing but often times a single item of clothing will cost more than an entire laundry order.  To help our ClothesLyners if that one accident happens we have started an insurance fund which helps defray the cost of repairing or replacing an item of clothing that may have accidentally been damaged during one of our orders.  We are a team and we support each other.