The Best Water Temperature for Laundry?

The Best Water Temperatures for Laundry: What to Know in the War Against Clothing Damage When washing your clothes, you probably do so in a hot, soapy tub with a laundry detergent, maybe some fabric softener, and maybe some dryer sheets. That’s pretty much it. Sure, there are a few other steps, like folding your […]

How It All Started!!

It All Begins Somewhere It was a simple statement, “Hey Dan, the girls at my school will do my laundry for 5 bucks!”  Just like that, Camden had just pitched ClothesLyne for the very first time.  I could tell He’d been thinking about it for a while because he had a name and a logo […]

New Done-For-You Laundry Service ClothesLyne Launches Mobile App

New Done-For-You Laundry Service ClothesLyne Launches Mobile App On-Demand Service Offers a Convenient & Simple Helping Hand ORANGE COUNTY, NY, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Newly launched laundry service ClothesLyne offers convenience, simplicity, and the promise of giving customers their time back with new done-for-you laundry service. ClothesLyne’s tagline, “You Wear It, We […]

Optimizing ClothesLyner Profile

Optimizing ClothesLyner Profile Share on facebook Share Share on twitter Share Share on linkedin Share Share on pinterest Share Share on reddit Share Conclusion Our team has developed this profile optimizing video to help our ClothesLyners make the most cash money possible. A fully optimized profile with a profile picture, gallery photos, and a detailed […]