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Airbnb and short term rentals

The Game-Changer Airbnb Laundry Service

When we’re on vacation, we all want to spend less time on chores and more on exploring. That’s where Airbnb’s laundry service comes in handy. It’s a game-changer for hosts and guests alike, providing a convenient solution for laundry needs.

Hosts, imagine not having to worry about washing linens between guests. Guests, picture yourselves packing light, knowing you’ll have access to clean clothes. That’s the beauty of Airbnb laundry service.

In this article, we’ll explore this service’s entails, benefits, and how it’s elevating the Airbnb experience. Whether you’re a host looking to streamline your operations or a guest seeking more convenience in your accommodations, you’re in the right place.

How Does Airbnb Laundry Service Work?

Taking a deeper dive into the functionality of the Airbnb laundry service, it’s pivotal to note that it’s a seamless process focused on efficiency and convenience.

Once the guests conclude their stay, the host organizes for the used linen and towels to be gathered and cleaned. Some hosts opt for a more personalized approach, contracting professional cleaning services collaborating with Airbnb. These cleaning services swoop in to freshen up the space and ensure it’s ready for the next guests.

In addition, many hosts also equip their listings with washers and dryers. This fantastic addition allows guests the luxury of washing their own clothes throughout their stay. It’s a particularly welcomed amenity for those on more extended stays or even unexpected emergencies.

To make this even more convenient, hosts often provide an assortment of essential laundry detergents and softeners. Guests can find these supplies either in the laundry area or in a readily accessible place.

The financial side of the Airbnb laundry service usually varies depending on the individual host and their operational costs. Some hosts bake the service into the overall price of the listing, while others may charge an additional fee.

Here’s what we charge at Clotheslyne for short term rental laundry, like for Airbnb and VRBO:

  • $25 per tall kitchen bag with 24 hour turnaround time.
  • $20 per tall kitchen bag with 48 hour turnaround time.

Clotheslyne also offers subscriptions for short term rental laundry services at:

  • $240 per month, $189.99 for the first month with 3 bags per week, and 24 hour turnaround time.

You can find more information at our short term rental laundry services page.

Grasping how Airbnb’s laundry service works helps hosts and guests enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable, and ultimately, a memorable experience. It’s about ensuring comfort, convenience, and cleanliness in every stay.

Benefits of Airbnb Laundry Service

Every Airbnb host aims to make their guest’s stay as enjoyable as possible. A key component of this involves the cleanliness and convenience of the living space. Here, we stress the importance of the Airbnb Laundry Service.

One striking benefit is convenience. With a professional cleaning service handling all linen and towel cleaning, guests can focus on enjoying their stay while hosts can be assured of their property’s cleanliness. You no longer have to worry about directing guests to the nearest laundromat or relying on them to wash and dry clothes or linens properly—a professional cleaning service takes care of it.

Moreover, quality is assured. Professional cleaners have the resources and know-how to ensure that every piece of linen and towel is cleaned effectively and efficiently. The high turnaround rate for Airbnb hosts means that clean, crisp linens and towels are necessary rather than a luxury. A well-executed laundry service ensures guests have a superior experience every time.

Cost management is also a significant benefit. Some hosts choose to integrate the cost of the laundry service into their listing price, making it a one-time transparent cost for the guest. It results in no hidden or unexpected charges, creating a positive impression and building trust. For hosts, this method of pricing can help manage operational costs effectively.

While some hosts may offer washers and dryers for guests to do laundry themselves, it’s important to provide laundry supplies. Professional laundry services usually include these, saving both time and resources for the host.

Clear communication and transparency are vital for hosts who levy an additional charge for laundry. This practice can support hosts in maintaining a balanced budget and ensure expectations are managed from the outset.

We see Airbnb’s laundry service as an important tool in enhancing guest experience and streamlining hosting duties. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

For Hosts: Streamlining Operations with Airbnb Laundry Service

Often, hosts find themselves drowning in a never-ending to-do list. Meeting guests, coordinating check-ins, maintaining property, and handling the all-important house cleaning—we’ve all been there. But with Airbnb’s laundry service, we are presented with a powerful tool that can help make our tasks much more efficient.

Professional cleaning services reduce the workload on hosts. Rather than handling the tiresome task of washing, drying, and folding linens, we can delegate these tasks to experts who have honed their skills in the field. It’s about efficiency and creating the best possible experience for our guests. Remember that our guests are the lifeblood of our Airbnb businesses; their satisfaction and comfort should always be our top priority.

With a service dedicated to laundry, we can rest assured that all bedding, towels, and linens will be as clean as possible for the next guest’s arrival. We’re talking about professional cleanliness standards. This kind of assurance we’d have with such a service is invaluable. It can truly set us apart from competitors.

On a more strategic note, integrating the cost of our laundry service into the listing price is a seamless way to manage our budgets. It’s a transparent practice that adds no additional financial burden on our guests. Instead, it’s implemented directly into their booking fee. Guests value this transparency, and it reflects well on us as hosts.

While we’re at it, please don’t underestimate the value of providing laundry supplies for guests who wish to do their laundry. These extras might seem minor, but to a guest, they are gestures of consideration and hospitality.

Overall, Airbnb’s laundry service is not merely about washing the linens—it’s about enhancing the quality of our service, asserting our professionalism, and making a statement about the kind of hosts we strive to be.

For Guests: Convenience and Packing Light with Airbnb Laundry Service

Are you escaping to a tropical destination or planning an exotic stay? Airbnb’s laundry service is here to simplify and lighten your packing process. No more need to stack an intimidating mess of clothes into your suitcases, wondering if you’ve packed enough for each day of your trip.

With this seamless and straightforward service, we can now confidently pack less and enjoy fresh, clean clothes throughout our stay. From everyday wear to evening outfits or even a quick need to clean our sports gear after an adventurous outing, Airbnb’s laundry service has covered us.

If you’re getting ready to stay at an Airbnb property, you’ll be relieved that many hosts today include this service in their package. It’s a small but significant step towards enhancing our experience as guests. Not only does it allow us to travel light, but it also saves us the hassle of finding a local laundromat, hence making the most of our travel time. What’s more? It’s a sheer delight to slip into fresh and crisply-ironed clothes.

Locating accommodation with a laundry service is pretty straightforward. When booking, we can filter our search to show only properties that offer this service. Airbnb also prompts hosts to denote this feature under the ‘Amenities’ section of their listing. This brings clarity to us guests right from the point of booking, ensuring we know exactly what to expect when we arrive.

While some argue that hotels and resorts often provide similar laundry services, it’s worth noting Airbnb’s added convenience. With this platform, we can manage our laundry schedule ourselves. This feature is usually a boon for last-minute packers or those opting for extended stays. Also, this personalized and self-managed service helps us feel more at home even when we are miles away from it.

All in all, Airbnb’s laundry service is a game-changer for us travelers. It makes our stays comfortable and adds a touch of luxury and convenience. It is one of the many reasons that Airbnb is a preferred choice for many of us.

Elevating the Airbnb Experience with Laundry Service

A guest’s comfort is paramount, and Airbnb’s laundry service is significantly enhancing their experience. Let’s explore how this feature has contributed to elevating the Airbnb experience.

Laundry service allows Airbnb guests to pack lighter when traveling. This is a relief for many travelers, especially those on extended stays or trips with multiple destinations. Being able to step out in fresh clothes daily without worrying about locating a laundromat or incurring costs at a dry cleaner adds significant value to the guest experience.

It’s important to touch on the idea of self-service. With this feature, Airbnb guests can now manage their laundry timelines themselves. This offers them a much-needed convenience – they’re in control of when their laundry is done without worrying about mismanaged or lost laundry.

From the host’s perspective, offering a laundry service enhances their accommodation package, making it more appealing to potential guests. It’s a feature that distinguishes them from hosts not offering such services.

Implementing Airbnb laundry service doesn’t require huge investments or significant facility changes. All that is needed is a dedicated laundry area with a washing machine, dryer, and a convenient booking system. This is a small price for improved reviews, recommendations, and, ultimately, more bookings.

Remember, when guests scan through Airbnb listings, they’re not just looking at property pictures or visitors’ reviews. They’re also keen on value-additions like laundry service, which are becoming deciding factors in their choice of stay. Affordable luxury—that’s the essence of laundry service.

Consider the tables turned – we’re sure, as hosts, you wouldn’t mind the convenience of having a laundry service at your fingertips while traveling, either.

In the world of Airbnb, minor improvements lead to significant changes. Thus, the laundry service has proven to be a game-changer for guests’ stays in our Airbnb spaces.


We’ve seen how Airbnb’s laundry service is an undeniable asset. It’s more than just a perk for guests who can pack less and enjoy fresh clothes. It’s a tool for hosts who can distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. The convenience of self-service means guests are in control, adding to the feeling of a home away from home. This service is more than just a convenience; it’s a game-changer. It’s transforming the Airbnb experience, leading to better reviews and more bookings. So, whether you’re a host or a guest, it’s clear that Airbnb’s laundry service is a win-win. We’re excited to see how this service will continue to enhance the Airbnb experience.

Clotheslyne Provides Laundry Service for Airbnb Hosts & Short Term Rentals

Clotheslyne provides specialized laundry services tailored for Airbnb and short term rental hosts in several locations, including New York, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Alaska, and Massachusetts. Our network of local Clotheslyners is proficient in offering comprehensive pick-up and delivery laundry solutions, ensuring that your linens and garments are meticulously cleaned, dried, and returned in pristine condition.

To use Clotheslyne, download the iOS Apple App or Google Play Store Android app to schedule your laundry pick up.

You can also schedule your laundry pick up through our web portal.

Fill up a tall kitchen bag full of clothes. A Clotheslyner in your community will pick it up and deliver it back to you washed, dried, and folded in 48 hours. It’s that simple.

Have a large order for your Airbnb or short term rental? Head over to our contact us page and make a custom request by email or by phone! We’re here to help.