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How To Optimize Your Clotheslyner Profile

Optimizing Clotheslyner profile


Our team has developed this profile optimizing video to help our Clotheslyners make the most cash money possible. A fully optimized profile with a profile picture, gallery photos, and a detailed description will increase the number of orders you’ll be sent from the customer!

Another hack to getting more orders is attracting your community to be a customer of Clotheslyne. They can give you consistent orders every week!

Fully optimized profiles will succeed in our laundry marketplace because customers will feel more compelled to trust them, and possibly you can even establish a connection with them!

Details to fully optimize your profile:

Profile Details

First, hit the pencil on the right-hand corner of your profile.

Remember to have a clear and professionally looking profile picture.

Make sure your first and last names are correct.

Your description is the most important part of this page to optimize your profile.

You want to show a detailed description to your customer of who you are and a little bit about yourself to make a better connection.

Once you have that all written in the description, go ahead and hit save.

Optimizing The Gallery

Next part of optimizing your profile is the gallery.

Select the gallery button under select days of availability and you see here there are a bunch of pictures already here of my laundry room, laundry from someone’s house for pick up, detergents, fabric softeners, some clothes I folded. 

If I am air drying, I want to showcase my air drying and this is just to give customer more confidence in you and show that you have a clean house and you know what you’re doing.

We highly recommend optimizing your profile to the fullest and ensure you make the most cash money.

FREE pickup and delivery laundry services for less than drop-off at your local laundromat!