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Optimizing Clotheslyner profile

Optimizing Clotheslyner profile


Our team has developed this profile optimizing video to help our Clotheslyners make the most cash money possible. A fully optimized profile with a profile picture, gallery photos, and a detailed description will increase the number of orders you’ll be sent from the customer!

Another hack to getting more orders is attracting your community to be a customer of Clotheslyne. They can give you consistent orders every week!

Fully optimized profiles will succeed in our laundry marketplace because customers will feel more compelled to trust them, and possibly you can even establish a connection with them!

Details to fully optimize your profile:

  • Profile Picture: have a clear and professionally looking profile picture

  • Gallery Photos: It doesn’t have to be a dream laundry room, but your laundry area should be clean and organized! Showcase your folded and packaged clothes. Display the laundry products and services you provide.

  • Description: Develop a well-written description to showcase your laundry skills or maybe even why you started to Clotheslyne!

Get $20-50 off your first month of a subscription plan! The offer ends soon!