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It All Begins Somewhere

It all begins somewhere

It was a simple statement, “Hey Dan, the girls at my school will do my laundry for 5 bucks!” Just like that, Camden had just pitched ClothesLyne for the very first time. I could tell He’d been thinking about it for a while because he had a name and a logo already ruminating in his mind.

Of course, I knew there were alternative reasons for the cheap labor at his school but the idea was good. And away we went.

That was a year ago. A year of brainstorming, process mapping, interviewing, development, testing and meetings. We met amazing people along the way and got some really great help at times when we really needed it.

Taking an idea from a story to four apps on two different stores is humbling and stressful but we made it.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get here and welcome aboard to anyone looking to help us go further.